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Easy Vegan Summer ‘Duck’ Wraps

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Easy Vegan Summer ‘Duck’ Wraps 

Sometimes, especially in summer, lettuce just hits the spot! So why not switch out bread for lettuce with these summer wraps?

These are really simple and so quick to put together…  it can all be ready by the time the ‘duck’ is finished cooking. Of course you can always change the ‘duck’ to a chicken alternative to suit your preference, but. that’s what’s so great about these – they can hold any filling. 

Refreshing, fun and delicious… the perfect summer meal! 

Preparation : 10 minutes 

Cooking Time : 8 – 10 minutes

Makes :  6 – 8 Wraps


• 300g Vegan Duck (I used Linda McCartney)

•  6 – 8 Larger Lettuce Leaves

•  2 Carrots, Grated

•  1 Large Spring Onion, Sliced

•  Poppy Seeds and Sesame Seeds


  1. Cook the ‘duck’ per the packet instructions.

  2. As the ‘duck’ cooks, rinse your lettuce and carrots. 

  3. Grate your carrots and slice your spring onion to your preferred size and put to one side.

  4. Once cooked, place your ‘duck’ onto your lettuce leaves, then top with the carrot and spring onion, finishing with the poppy seeds and sesame seeds sprinkled on top… then enjoy! 


• If you make this, please tag me on Instagram @thecharlotteemilyy or use the hashtag #cebakes

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