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What Countries are Most Interested in Wildlife Conservation?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

What Countries are Most Interested in Wildlife Conservation?

Europe is home to some of the most breathtaking natural sites in the world, and consequently also home to a marvellous array of wildlife. However, some of these species are sadly at great risk of extinction. Experts at set out to discover which European country’s residents are most interested in learning about wildlife conservation.

To do this, SaveOnEnergy trawled through an immense amount of Google search trend data per country for key wildlife preservation phrases, indicating the country most interested in how wildlife could be saved. 

  1. Brits are the most concerned by wildlife conservation, with 290,650 average monthly related searches

  2. Switzerland and France rank second and third respectively, whilst Belarus is the European country least interested in wildlife conservation

  3. ‘Endangered animals’ is the most searched for phrase across Europe, with a staggering 177,540 monthly searches

  4. ‘Wildlife conservation’ is the third most searched for phrase across Europe (106,430)

Countries Most Interested in Wildlife Conservation can reveal that the United Kingdom is the European country most interested in wildlife conservation, with a staggering 290,650 average searches a month for wildlife conservation related phrases.

In second place is Switzerland, with an average of 36,880 monthly wildlife searches. Specifically, the Swiss are most intrigued by wildlife conservation, with 34,250 average searches per month from residents looking to help.

France lands third with an average of 31,810 monthly searches for all wildlife phrases. It would appear the French are concerned most by endangered animals with a whopping 18,590 average searches each month.

In fourth place is Spain with 26,180 monthly average searches, followed closely by Italy in fifth place with 20,000 searches.

Countries Least Interested in Wildlife Conservation

Romania has the third lowest searches with only 1,960 monthly searches for all wildlife phrases, a whopping 288,690 less than the United Kingdom. However, they’re concerned by extinction levels, as the most searched for phrase is endangered animals, which receives 1,070 searches per month – more than half of Romania’s total searches!

Serbia ranks 19th out of the top 20 with an average of just 1,560 monthly searches. The top searched for wildlife phrase in Serbia is endangered animals with 1,070 searches.

In last place is Belarus with a mere 670 monthly searches for all wildlife phrases. It’s no surprise as the top searched for phrase overall in Europe endangered animals only receives 300 monthly average searches.

Most Searched for Phrases

Beating all other wildlife searches is the phrase endangered animal! It seems that Europe is most concerned with the animals who are on the verge of becoming extinct, with 177,540 searches made throughout the continent last month!

Wildlife trust is the second most searched for phrase across Europe, with a whopping 116,090 monthly average searches. In third place is wildlife conservation, with 106,430 average monthly searches being made for this phrase.


1- The top 20 most populated European countries were picked for this research. The highest populated countries were found from

2- pulled the monthly average search volumes for six key terms relating to wildlife conservation, which were sourced using SEMrush.

3- A context translator tool was used to translate the 6 key phrases into each city’s most common language (wildlife conservation, wildlife volunteer, endangered animals, sponsor animals, animal charity and wildlife trusts). All related keyword terms and total search volumes were pulled.

4- All data was collected on 16/02/2021 and is correct as of then.


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