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Pure Plenish™ Plant Milk

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When we think about it, ‘milk’ is a really crucial part of food plans. There is so much it’s used for, with its desirable properties- thickening sauces, masking chilli flavours, sweetening dishes, perfect to add to cereal, adding flavour to tea and coffee… the list goes on. 

We remember as children, we would drink a pint of milk every day to get our ‘strong teeth and bones!’. But now we’ve realised that we don’t need to do that, and actually, we’ve been putting ingredients into our bodies that we now know we don’t want. We are fortunate that the information is now out there, so that we can make an informed decision on what is best for us. Proof that this ‘milk’ is worth the money? Our families have also converted (mostly)!


We have tried a variety of different plant milks, but always came back to Plenish™. There are many reasons why this is the brand that we have chosen, but what is important, is what they stand for. They want to make sure that we are healthy, the Earth in healthy, and all animals remain happy. As a customer, it’s nice to know that this is part of their brand.

Not only are natural ingredients used, but they are the best produce. The nuts, oats and soya used are all sustainably grown, without the use of pesticides. What does that mean? Well simply, it’s better for us. We don’t want harmful chemicals in our bodies. Whilst it’s great to eat as many fruit and vegetables as possible, those that come from mass producing farms will be in plastic (no thanks) and would have been sprayed with chemicals through out and after growth (um, we don’t want that either). Fortunately, Plenish™ has it covered! Only the best ingredients for the best plant milk on the market (in our opinion!).

Compared to other plant based milks, there are much more nuts in the milk itself. Including the nuts, there are only three or four ingredients in total. What does that mean? Only goodness. All milks contain no additives, and are unsweetened, containing only natural sugars.

There are a wide variety of products on offer, not just milk! There are varying flavours of juices- boosts and cleansing drinks; shakes- made with milk for coffee or chocolate blends; and enriched milks. We’re loving the coffee and almond, and the chocolate almond shakes.

One of the reasons why we love this milk so much, is actually due to the packaging. The ‘regular’ milk’s packaging is made from TetraPak®, which is great news! These cartons are fully recyclable, much unlike the standard dairy milk bottles. Whilst they are supposedly recyclable, plastic is never definite. However, TetraPak® is made primarily from paperboard (made from wood), polyethylene (a type of plastic) and aluminium. Whilst there is a thin layer of plastic, the quantity is much less than the fully plastic milk bottles.

There are so many reasons why you should switch to Plenish™, we 100% recommend it, and are confident that you will too!

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