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Plastic Free Coffee

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Yes, you’ve read that right! PLASTIC FREE COFFEE!

Anyone who knows us, is aware of just how much we love our coffee- we can’t go a day without it (yes we’re aware that means we probably have an addiction!). So as you can imagine, we get through a lot. Now that’s a lot of plastic. 

We have been searching for a non-plastic coffee for quite a while, with paper packaging being at the front of the line up. Paper packaging seems ideal doesn’t it? But we fell into so many traps, we were lied to! The amount of times we thought we’d found the one, only to open it up to reveal a thin plastic lining was enough to drive anyone mad. Ughhhhh.

Then we came across Percol™ .

We had finally found the coffee for us.

‘Normal’ coffee packaging is made from mutli-layer barrier laminates , which unfortunately are not recyclable. So what happens to them? They end up in the landfill. Great. We can’t do anything about anyone else, but we can change how we buy our coffee. Home compostable packaging, that boosts the soil in which it’s decomposing, is the way to go. Not only is it effectively ‘zero waste’, but the fact that it is plastic free has another benefit. Plastic, as we know, is made from fossil fuels. These are a finite resource, and have a catastrophic effect on the environment. Then, when the plastic is no longer needed, it is simply pushed aside. It doesn’t disappear, it just gets smaller- forever a blotch on the landscape. However, compostable packaging does actually disappear, is used to aid plant growth, and is made from renewable eco materials. To us, it’s a no brainer.

There are a variety of coffee products in their range, some of which do not have plastic free packaging yet. But they make it very clear what is and what isn’t plastic free, how to dispose of it all, and what they are currently working on. They are actively trying to better themselves and the Earth.

So what is the coffee like?

We are very fussy about our coffee, just to add to our issue. We love strong coffee, but we also like it to have a nice flavour, not just bitterness. Well Percol™ have the flavours! Our current favourite is the Peruvian ground coffee, with a strength of 5. Whilst it’s strong, it does have a nice back taste- it’s advertised to have a punchy flavour with notes of pecan. We can definitely taste something, but to be honest, all we know is that we love it!

For us, this coffee is worth every penny. We don’t use as much of our coffee per serving as we have done with others, because it’s as strong as is advertised. Plus, with the flavour, you don’t need to use a lot. This means that it lasts longer than other coffee brands- other brands that will be getting through a lot of plastic.

We can’t recommend this Percol™ coffee enough, and once you try it, almost guarantee that you too will make the switch.

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