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Mushrooms are a Marvel

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Mushrooms are a Marvel

This may seem like an odd topic, but actually, can we just appreciate mushrooms for a moment? I don’t just mean your average white cup mushroom, I’m talking about button right through to oyster.

With so many variations of edible mushrooms available to us, there is no wonder that we can achieve what taste and texture we’d like for our meals!

White Cup

White Cup Mushrooms are your common go-to and are often just known as ‘ordinary mushrooms’; mild flavour and easy to cook multiple ways, these are perfect.

These mushrooms are lovely raw in a salad, or fried in garlic oil and served on toast (that’s my favourite!)


Chestnut Mushrooms are the same type as your white cup, but they are a different strand. The difference in appearance is simply the brown top, as they are also around the same size. The flavour however, is stronger than white cup and they hold their texture more when cooked.

They can be cooked in much the same way as white cup, as well as eaten raw. A pulled ‘pork’ recipe may also benefit from the addition of a few of these mushrooms to alter the texture.


Portobello Mushrooms are a wonderful find! They can be used for just about anything! Their size and shape means they can be used for meals that smaller mushrooms cannot, as well as having a strong flavour that carries through a dish.

These too can be added to a pulled ‘pork’ recipe, but just note that they will carry the mushroom flavour, so if you’d like texture as well as the mushroom flavour, mix chestnut mushrooms with your oyster mushrooms. These are also great for a burger – including the mushrooms means you don’t need to add much liquid to the mix. Another great way to cook these mushrooms, are to stuff them. Due to their size, a small part of the centre can be removed and stuffed with whatever you wish; a veg mix perhaps.


Shiitake Mushrooms look like a combination of chestnut mushrooms and a more exotic mushroom like oyster. These are best eaten once cooked, as they have a better flavour and texture than when they are raw.

These mushrooms can be stir-fried or sautéd or added to a risotto for example. They have a strong, meaty flavour and a meat-like texture, so these are great in a meal with lots of spices, as their flavour won’t get lost.


Oyster Mushrooms may look odd and like something you probably shouldn’t eat, but actually these are amazing.

These are known for their role in a pulled pork alternative – pulled mushrooms! They can be shredded just like pork which gives us the same texture and especially once cooked they can have a meat like texture. They also have a relatively mild favour, so they can absorb some flavour from sauces when being cooked.

King Trumpet Oyster

King Trumpet Oyster Mushrooms are similar to Oyster Mushrooms, but look very different. They are best cooked for both taste and texture, rather than eating raw.

King Oyster Mushrooms can also be shredded and used in a pulled ‘pork’ recipe, as they have a meat-like texture once cooked. They can also be sliced, glazed and fried, adding whatever flavours you wish.

Mushrooms are great and once you know the type of meal you’re making, think about adding mushrooms; they’re great for you, full of nutrients and bring flavour and texture to any meal!


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