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Grateful Pies Have Arrived!


Would you like a pie, ideal for sharing, full of natural ingredients, to serve to both vegans and meat-eaters? Look no further, Grateful Pies are what you need! 

Grateful Pies are a new company, launched on the 3rd November 2020, which has evolved over time from a dish discovered in the pages of the family recipe book of Milly Pearl O’Shea, the grandmother of founder Farika Holden. The recipe dates back from an era before food was mass-produced; a time when food labels didn’t include a range of mysterious artificial additives. Today the pie contains only ten ingredients and a blend of aromatic spices.

FARIKA HOLDEN – founder 

Instagram: @gratefulpies /  Web: Grateful Pies


Inspired by the classic French-Canadian Tourtière, a Grateful Pie is a plant based pie made with a light olive oil crust and a delicious filling of green lentils flavoured with Bramley apple, onion, celery, mushroom, potato and seasoned with aromatic spices. Designed to be shared each pie measures 9” serving six and is one of very few sharing pies on the market.

With plant-based foods on the rise, Grateful Pies are a welcome addition to the plant-based market, especially as this pie is all natural and doesn’t contain any additives – it really is a homemade pie made just for you! 

Grateful Pies are an all-inclusive alternative to the traditional meat dishes that have historically featured as the centerpiece of the table and are the perfect communal food, particularly being plant-based, and can be enjoyed by everyone; kids (“there’s nothing green inside” was the happy reply from a young customer), vegans, meat-eaters, people of all ages and from all different culinary backgrounds.

Grateful Pies is the rich and satisfying heart of any dinner that can be served with all varieties of side dishes from around the world demonstrating versatility for differing tastes. And for Farika? Farika’s favourite way to eat a Grateful Pie is with ketchup.

Some Serving Suggestions from Farika:

  1. For a taste of India: serve with lime pickle, raita, onion bhajis

  2. For a taste of Spain: serve with padron peppers or banderillas

  3. For a taste of Italy: serve with a tomato and basil salad

  4. A part of a Middle Eastern mezze: fattoush and baba ganoush

  5. Sunday Roast: serve with your favourite traditional sides

  6. Mid-Week Supper: serve with chips and seasonal vegetables


Having been fortunate to try a Grateful Pie(s), I can say that it is delicious! The pie crust is one of the best I have tasted; it’s ‘buttery’ but gives a crunch, contrasting against the lentil and veg filling. The aromatic spices fill the room whilst it’s baking in the oven, until you take it out and serve, where you are hit with a burst of flavour. The apple being tasted throughout makes this pie unlike any other I have tasted. 

The pie is all around delicious – it was loved by vegans and meat-eaters, meaning it really is the pie to buy! It feels like a traditional pie but with a modern twist, perfect for any occasion. 


With the ever growing issue of our changing Climate, sustainability is more important than ever. As the pies themselves are 100% plant-based, there is a reduced Climate impact. However, Grateful Pies also offers customers a gifting service using beautifully designed sustainable packaging, as founder Farika believes “the only thing better than receiving a Grateful Pie is giving one.” This packaging is recyclable and predominantly plastic free, so there’s another win! 

Born from her desire to share and bring people together Farika has been making these pies and giving them out to friends and loved ones every winter and festive season for over twenty years. As praise and requests for pies gathered momentum so did Farika’s enthusiasm to launch Grateful Pies as a business.

“I have always believed in the sharing of food as one of the most significant ways to show love and friendship. Inspired by the discovery of my grandmothers recipe over twenty years ago I have been showing my gratitude to friends and family with this pie,” she says.  



Grateful Pies is priced at £14.95, and can now be ordered online via for next day UK wide delivery. 

Wholesale enquiries can be made via and will initially be available at ten independent London retailers including The Grocery (Shoreditch), Seasons & Blossoms (Islington) and Shepherd Foods (Primrose Hill) with nationwide distribution in place by February next year. 

Deliveries are UK-wide, overnight and £5 via Grateful Pies’ website . 


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