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A Bit About Me

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Hello! I’m Charlotte Emily (Charlie), a 20 year old dedicating my life to our Earth.

I am passionate about our Earth and everything in it and am continually researching to understand more – more about our Earth as well as how I can make changes to reduce my impact.

As I research various subjects, I share any information I have found to spread awareness on Our Earth and how we can better how we all live (some of it is quite scary!), with the aim of being a part to the solution of our Earth’s problems.



For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the Earth. It has always fascinated me how the elements of Nature can survive in different conditions across the world – how the same plant can live in different Climates, how the same animal species can adapt to different conditions and how there are so many different plants and animals with different roles in Nature. This led to my interest in the Climate and our influence on it.

As my understanding grew, I became vegan (after initially being plant-based) for the Animals, Nature and our Earth as a whole. I realised even more how the animals I care for, wild as well, are impacted by what I choose to eat. With more research I began to understand how there are also significant impacts on our Earth.

Once my lifestyle developed into a vegan lifestyle, I realised how the level of product and packaging waste I produced changed. I have found it much easier to purchase both food and self-care products plastic free, making my plastic free and zero waste aim that bit closer. As I continued to research about the impacts our foods have, I started to see the connections with the amount of product and packaging waste we produce, as well as how it impacts our surrounding environment. I also realised just how connected everything is, from what we buy affecting the water supply in another country, to how we dispose of a product affecting a global system within Nature – this highlighted just how many of these drastic impacts aren’t front page news.

Continually with my research, I find that not only is it quite difficult to find information that doesn’t contradict, but to find information that wasn’t confusing and is relatively easy to understand. It seems that we are often bombarded with data and technical terminology, without it being explained so that people without an existing knowledge can understand – I have an A Level in Geography and still find some of it confusing! It isn’t easy to get an in-depth understanding of a problem of a feature that we are influencing, as there is a lot of conflicting information and time consuming analysis that’s required to try and get to the bottom of it, as well as all the ‘sciencey’ bits to try and decipher.

My aim is to reduce the time it takes to find out the information, as I have already done the research and shared the information with the data, doing my best to explain what it all means – I have resources from my Geography course to help with my understanding and explanations. My aim is to make it understandable for those who don’t have existing knowledge.

In October 2019 I published an ebook on plastic – answering the common questions, explaining the misconceptions and sharing how we can make positive change. With this subject, there is a lot of confusion (deliberate or not!) and a lot of conflicting reports. So, contained in the book there is a history and all the current facts and problems, free of confusion. As a result of all of my continued research, I aim to be living plastic free and zero waste. I am always on the look out for new products, to remove the need for unnecessary product and packaging waste. I will share products that I find, that may be an easy change or even if its not, for others to make. I think its important for all of us to share what we are finding to help others in their journeys, or to help them from making the same mistakes that we are all going to make at some point!

There is an overwhelming amount of negativity and sadness surrounding the topic of our Earth’s Climate, with everything aiding the progress to the point of no return. How can we lose the beauty that’s around us? It’s a problem that only we can solve!

I will always share information and features that relate to our Earth – whether it be explaining Global processes like the Carbon Cycle, sharing how our choice of milk can have Climate impacts, or how I avoid plastic waste. It’s all to allow a better understanding of what our choices mean and to spread some positivity – that we can make the smallest changes and have a big impact. Any change made is one step closer to the solution. 

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