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12 Sustainable Swaps You Don’t Need to Think About

12 Sustainable Swaps You Don’t Need to Think About

There are so many small things we can do to become more sustainable, that we don’t really need to think about. These are 12 swaps that we can easily make, that don’t need any extra thought, other than where they are in the shop!


1. Reusing glass jars instead of buying new plastic containers

Your old glass jars may become your best friends, as this not only reduces waste, but is much cheaper than buying new storage containers. I’ve spoken more about this in 6 Easy (& Cheap) Plastic Swaps.

2. Shampoo Bars rather than shampoo in bottles

This is a common swap, popular and very easy! There’s more about these bars in 6 Easy (& Cheap) Plastic Swaps.

3. Bamboo toothbrush rather than a plastic toothbrush

4. Reusable cotton buds and face cloths

Face cloths are possibly amongst the easiest swaps to make and definitely one of the best to make! Reasons why and what to use can be found in 6 Easy (& Cheap) Plastic Swaps.

5. Bamboo makeup brushes

Whilst makeup brushes do last, they don’t last forever. Bamboo brushes are a great alternative to the regular plastic brushes.

6. Using natural sponges and scourers rather than plastic

Every time you use a sponge, pieces of plastic and microplastics break off and are carried in the water into the water system. Instead, natural sponges and scourers break away into natural elements – coconut fibre scourers are the go-to in my house!

7. Using napkins rather than kitchen paper

With so many materials, you can choose any pattern you like. New or made from old clothes, they just need to be popped in your next hot wash.

8. Taking your own coffee cup to coffee shops for taking away

9. Keeping a reusable bottle and straw with you

10. Reusing old bags rather than buying new ones

11. Reusing packing and wrapping paper

Why buy more wrapping paper when you can reuse old paper and packing paper? It’s much cheaper and reduces waste!

12. Try looking for clothes in charity shops

The clothes sold are in good condition, there’s a variety of styles and often there are well known brands … not to mention they are much cheaper!



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